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Methyl ester from vegetable oils

We continue to be able to produce first generation esters. These esters are essential for adjusting the cold flow properties of our waste oil esters but also for other applications such as paints, inks, lubricants

groupe 815

Complies with EN 14214

Clear colour similar to rapeseed oil
Good cold resistance -14°C
Supporting French agriculture, a market for French rapeseed

Applications :

Vegetable oil methyl ester is an ester that can be derived from various vegetable oils. Nord-Ester is able to supply RME (based on rapeseed). It is an ecological alternative to diesel and supports French agriculture by creating a new market for rapeseed.

Energy (biofuel)
Inks & paints
Release agent
Industrial lubricant

Sourcing :

RME comes mainly from France.



EMHV in a few words:

RME comes mainly from France.

Methyl Esters of Vegetable Oil are made from vegetable oils known as fluid (from seeds, fluid at room temperature) or concrete (solid at room temperature from fruits). The difference between these two families can be seen in the final cold resistance of methyl esters.
Please note that palm and soy methyl esters are prohibited as fuel in France.

EMHV are commonly regarded as first generation biofuels. They use raw materials that can compete with human food, energy and mobility needs.

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