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Our mission

Today, our goal is to meet the demand for alternative fuels by constantly improving our processes and technologies. Our ambition is to minimise the impact on the environment.

Oleovia or the control of a full value chain

OLEOVIA allows us to collect used cooking oils. Once collected, these oils are recycled in our facilities. As a player in the circular economy, our recovery is complete and traceable. If you wish to entrust us with your oils: do not hesitate, think Oleovia.

Green energy

Today, Nord-Ester is on first and second generation products, but also on advanced biofuels (POME, SBEO, fatty acids...). The company is positioned as a partner for its end buyers (oil companies, distributors, local authorities, urban transport networks, etc.). Increasingly sensitive to green energies, the outlets, outside road transport, are numerous. Following the example of glycerine from the esterification process, Nord-Ester has many good years ahead of it and other beautiful projects in the drawers.

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Adapted to process diverse and complex raw materials, we have been able, thanks to our experience and our experts, to go from vegetable oils to waste oils by evolving through animal fats.

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