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Methyl ester production unit

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Created in 2006 and arrived on the market in 2007, Nord-Ester's strength lies in its ability to transform and valorise a wide variety of raw materials like by-products and waste.


Methyl ester from vegetable oils

Methyl ester from vegetable oil. FAME from all types of vegetable oils: rapeseed, palm, soybean, etc.
NB: palm and soya are not accepted as biodiesel in France

Methyl ester from animal fats

FAME derived from category 3 animal fats, a category not suitable for human consumption and used for other applications including energy.

Used cooking oils methyl ester

FAME from food waste, used cooking oils.
Advanced biofuels


Methyl ester that can be derived from various sources: fatty waste, algae, agricultural or agri-food co-products and residues.

B100 by Nord-Ester

Nord Ester B100. An approved alternative fuel for captive fleets and an adapted service for our customers.

The by-product of transesterification: glycerine

The transesterification process produces FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) on the one hand and glycerine on the other. It's our main by-product.

15 years for
a more virtuous

From rapeseed oil to used cooking oil and animal fats, a production model in evolution.


of our
production is from
used cooking oil

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200 000
m3 of biodiesel marketed/year


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Nous nous engageons auprès de nos clients à fournir un produit de qualité et respectueux de l’environnement. Nous sommes certifiés ISO 9001 depuis 2010 pour la production de biocarburants à partir d’huiles et graisses et co-production de glycérine à partir des mêmes matières.

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