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B100 by Nord-Ester

With Nord-Ester's B100 we offer an alternative to fossil fuels for your captive fleets. An alternative energy to fossil fuels, B100 is an immediate opportunity to commit to the energy transition to face the challenge of global warming and dependence on petroleum energy.

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Complies with EN 14214

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Easy to implement
Compatibility / cost
French & local Supporting the French and local economy
Preserve the environment 60% less GHG 80% less fine particles

Applications :

For captive fleets: professional fleets with specific supply logistics and their own storage and distribution capacities. (Article 4, Order of 29 March 2018 on the characteristics of the fuel known as B100)

NE 100 is a methyl ester of vegetable oils using renewable raw materials

It avoids 60% of greenhouse gases from field to wheel and 80% of fine particles in the exhaust. It is an easy to implement alternative fuel, NE 100 accompanies you in the energy transition

Delivered throughout France from our production site in Dunkirk, its operating cost is comparable to B7 diesel. Its range is identical to that of diesel and it is compatible with a wide range of engines

Energy (biofuel)

Sourcing :

NE 100 comes from France



NE100 in a few words:

NE100 is an economical, ecological and quick solution to be implemented within your captive fleet, allowing you to respond to the current climatic challenges and to the expectations of transporters who want to offer an alternative, more virtuous solution.

B100 is a fuel with certified sustainability for its traceability under the French 2BSvs and European ISCC sustainability systems. Not classified as a hazardous material, this facilitates the procedures for its transport and storage in tanks. In addition, NE100 is exempt from the TICPE and guarantees reliable logistics.

Choosing NE 100 means limiting global warming (60% less GHG) and preserving air quality (80% less fine particles)

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