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Nord-Ester is a unit produces biodiesel by transesterification. Historically from vegetable oils, then from animal fats. Today, production is 90% based on used cooking oils and animal fats. The used cooking oils are partly collected by our subsidiary Oleovia.

The beginning of the adventure

The Nord-Ester project was born in 2006 from the desire to diversify. We took an opportunity and developed around it. Plenty of audacity later, we appeared in the vast landscape of biofuels...

France started biofuel production in 1992 to avoid the set-aside of land for food production imposed by the Common Agricultural Policy. At Nord-Ester, the production began in 2007.


Our diversifications

Born in the midst of the economic crisis, we were pushed to diversify our sources of supply and to turn to category 3 animal fats from 2010.

In a desire to diversify and to achieve our objectives in terms of decarbonisation, we decided to turn to used cooking oils in 2013.

The used cooking oil

Nous avons fait l’acquisition d’Oléovia en 2014. Spécialiste dans la collecte d’huiles alimentaires usagées, elle permet à Nord-Ester d’avoir la main sur ce qui est devenu notre principale matière première.

In order to process materials as complex as waste oils, we have set up a pre-treatment unit for this in 2019.


Values in line with our

engagement (1)


Our atypical background is illustrated by our versatility and our aim to minimise environmental impact. It is a reflection of commitment to customers and to the planet.

reactivite (1)


In search of new and innovative processes to continuously improve our tools we are able to be flexible and reactive.

respect (1)


Diversifying to meet our customers' needs and delivering on our promises are part of daily business.

famille (1)


The family spirit is essential to our development. It is expressed through the family management of the company but also through our employees.

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