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The transformation of fats into biodiesel is carried out via the transesterification reaction. This consists of reacting a fat with an alcohol to obtain a fatty acid ester.

The adaptability

Thanks to the know-how of our teams and our ability to innovate, we have upgraded our first-generation, 100% vegetable oil plant to a new generation biodiesel process. We have the capacity to operate at 100% with used oil.

This conversion is one of the first in Europe on an industrial scale. This development reflects our desire to give a second life to waste and not to compete with the food sector.

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"We do not plan to increase our current production capacity. Our objective is to be reactive and to be able to adapt to more singular markets, especially when the requirements in terms of traceability are high."

At the origin of the Nord-Ester project

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In order to meet our CO2 reduction commitments, our boilers run solely on liquid biomass from our facilities.

A deacidification unit has been created by our technical services. This pre-treatment gives us the capacity to produce biodiesel from 100% used cooking oil.

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Our mission

Toutes ces années, Nord-Ester est restée fidèle à sa raison d’être. En tant que régulateur du marché, sa vocation est de consommer l’excédent agricole produit dans le monde. Cette démarche permet de soutenir les populations locales et les producteurs.

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